Member Discounts

Multiple Student Discount

Members with 2 or more children registered in our programs are provided a 10% discount from the tuition total.

Twistars USA prides itself on being a family based and oriented business.  In order to assist our member families that have multiple children enrolled in our programs, we offer a multiple student discount.  Members, of course, must be from the same immediate family (third cousins to your step uncle would not be eligible.)

Multiple Class Discount

Or, if one or more of the children is participating in our multiple-class discount program (attending more than one recreational class per week,) then the multiple-class discount would be provided instead of the multiple-sibling discount to create the largest savings for you.

Members with more than 3 children enrolled in any of our programs receive FREE Membership registration fees for the 3rd, 4th child etc.

Competitive Team-Recreational Class Discount

Competitive team members with siblings enrolled in our recreational program are entitled to the Multiple Student Discount provided the recreational student is continuously enrolled through the month receiving the tuition discount, In other words if a recreational 8 week session ends in the middle of the month and the recreational student does not re-enroll, the competitive team student would not be eligible for the Multiple Student Discount for that month.

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