Meet Our Coaches

Meet The Owners, John & Kathryn Geddert

John & Kathryn Geddert, Owners

John Geddert: Owner & Head Coach

  • 2012 USA Olympic Team Head Coach
  • 2012 USA National Elite Coach of the Year
  • 2011 USA World Championship Team Head Coach
  • 17 Time State, Regional of National Coach of the Year

Being awarded state or regional (5 state area) coach of the year 17 times indicates that the Twistars head coach/Co-owner must be doing a few things right.

Being named Head coach for the USA Olympic and World Championships Gold Medal Winning Team, paint the picture of national respect.

John has been an instrumental force in guiding Twistars, our 5 State Region (Region 5) and now the Team USA towards national and international prominence.

A former collegiate scholarship athlete himself at CMU, Johns drive and dedication for the sport of gymnastics are apparent.  As a coach his accomplishments are staggering.  As a volunteer administrator he has served to better the rules and policies that govern our sport and has provided countless rewarding experiences for his and other athletes through competitions and international travel.  As the Twistars owner he has pledged to maintain the importance of integrity over materialistic rewards.

His work ethic, organizational skills, knack for teaching technical excellence, and love of the children make him the cornerstone of the Twistars organization.

Kathryn Geddert: Owner & Head Beam Coach

One of the most decorated yet sometimes under recognized coaches in the country, Kathryn Geddert serves as the guiding force at Twistars USA.

Sharing the duties as head coach at Twistars USA she can boast a resume loaded with several national champions and international medal winners (but boast she would never).

  • 13 Time State, Regional or National Coach of the Year
  • 2012 Michigan Coach of the Year
  • 2012 Region 5 Hall of Fame Inductee

Being a mother of 3 she can draw on child rearing experience and provide nurturing when needed. Being a former collegiate athlete she understands how important proper training and coaching can affect performance and progress.

Being a Brevet Judge she understands the complex rules of the sport and can make sure her athletes fulfill all the routine requirements. Having a dance background helps her with the choreography details that so many programs do without. And being married to John Geddert for 37 years proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a woman of patience.

Her recent induction into the Region 5 Hall of Fame indicates that her peers have recognized her consistent and notable contributions to the sport of gymnastics.

Meet Our Outstanding Coaching Team

Brett Wargo: Optional Team Coach +

Every program needs balance. Brett Wargo provides our competitive team program with balance. His easy going approach helps to balance the intensity in the gym and has made Brett a great addition to our staff.

A former collegiate athlete and NCAA National qualifier, Brett understands what it takes to achieve in the sport of gymnastics. He spent 5 years coaching at International Gymnastics Camp and Park Avenue Gymnastics in south Florida prior to joining Twistars.

He combines a fun personality with his love of teaching which goes well with his personal motto of "providing a little enjoyment in the activities you do".

Technically sound but patient in his approach, Brett's coaching style has been well received. Now even though he is a Chicago Bears fan (and CUB fan... but who cares about the Cubs) we do not hold that against him except when it comes to handing out year end bonuses and holiday gifts (he gets none).

Brett is an avid karaoke singer and most that have endured his performances really wish they hadn't (just kidding, he really is pretty good). He has gone on record declaring himself as his favorite singer (did I mention he has a wonderful sense of humor?) We gotta give him credit for picking a Tiger as his favorite animal and his favorite color is green.

Blaize Geddert: Competitive Team Coach +

I was born in a foam pit. In the 80s I could be seen in diapers running around causing mayhem as gymnasts tumbled and flipped around me and my army guys.  In the 90s I became a competitive gymnast and learned how to do the tricks I had seen others do years before.

In the 2000s I traveled the country and world and became a multiple time State and Regional Champion. Sadly my competing days had to end when I graduated high school. Needing to fill the competitive hole I felt, I started coaching gymnastics instead of doing it. I have coached both boys and girls competitive team at Twistars. I believe the keys to successful coaching are positivity, discipline, and being able to see the gymnasts point of view.

Angelina Hernandez: Competitive Team Coach +

Born in raised in Lansing Michigan. I was a gymnast at Twistars for 15 years. I went to Central Michigan University where I majored in Elementary Education and cheered. FIRE UP CHIPS! I have been coaching at Twistars for 6 years.

Adam Duncan: Developmental Director, Competitive Team Coach & Recreational Coach +

Originally a native of the great state of Texas, Adam began coaching at Twistars in 2012 after meeting owner John Geddert at the USAG Olympic Training Center in New Waverly, TX.
At the age of 15, Adam began to develop a passion for teaching and developing athletes when he started coaching recreational classes at Gymnastics Sports Center of Wichita Falls, TX in 2007.

Adam quickly began working with the competitive team athletes at GSC, and in 2009 he began spending his summers working at Karolyi’s Camps in South Texas for gymnastics legends Bela and Martha Karolyi.

Ready to take his career to the next level, Adam was introduced to Olympic Coach John Geddert during the summer of 2012 and made the move to Lansing, Michigan the following September.

Having worked with a variety of different programs, Adam has proven to be a versatile coach, able to instruct and develop athletes of every level in a positive and motivating manner. Adam also works as Developmental Director, where he assists in educating staff members and creating program content for developmental teams at Twistars.

Adam will tell you his mission is to use the sport of gymnastics as a tool to teach athletes how to be successful in every facet of life via instructing athletes on working through fear, interacting with others, and developing a healthy work ethic.

Brandon Norris: Boys Team Head Coach +

Combine passion, desire, past competitive experience, exposure to upper level coaches and the unshakable willingness to do what it takes to succeed and you have a great boys head coach.

Brandon took over the reigns as head coach for our Twistars USA Boys program in 2016. The win for the boys program is an equal loss for the girls as Brandon played a substantial role in our successes last year. He combines an eye for detail with a motivating and inspiring personality which is a winning combination.

Stephanie Shipley: Competitive Team Coach & Recreational Coach +

I am originally from northern Illinois where I was a competitive gymnast growing up. When I turned 18, a local gym opened their doors and this is when I began my coaching career. From day one I knew I found a passion in coaching. After a few years of coaching, I decided to further my education at UIC in Kinesiology. While in Chicago I married my high school sweetheart Morgan. Then in 2008 we packed up and moved to Michigan so he could get his phD from MSU. I quickly discovered that I missed gymnastics and I missed coaching, so I jumped right back in to coaching and rediscovered my passion for the sport. My passion for coaching and thirst for knowledge in the sport of gymnastics has only grown stronger since coming to Twistars. I am not only a wife and a coach, but I am also the proud mommy of two beautiful babies, Danika and Bryce. Being a mom has added a new dimension to my coaching that I am very proud of. Seeing kids find a passion and love for the sport that is so dear to my heart, is probably the biggest joy I get out of coaching.

Alexis Byington: Competitive Team Coach & Recreational Coach +

I was born and raised in Lansing, MI and this is my 2nd year coaching at Twistars. I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old. I competed at Twistars where I was a Level 10 National Qualifier. After competing club, I decided to continue my gymnastics career at the High School level. At Grand Ledge, I was a 3-time Individual All-Around State Champion. I have a passion for working with children and I am looking forward to helping your young gymnasts achieve their goals!

Hashem Bakr: Boys Competitive Team Coach, Boys Recreational Coach +

I love gymnastics because it is a great medium to develop both the mind and body to their full ability. Through the process of developing and refining difficult skills and constantly overcoming challenges, we reap mental and physical benefits that help us in the gym and out.

As a coach, I love working with kids because as much as I try to teach them in a day, it is always me who learns more.

Katie Al-Ashari: Recreational Coach +

My name is Katie Alashari.  I have two sisters and three brothers, and I was homeschooled.  Currently, I am a senior in Highschool, and I am taking a class at LCC.  I am unsure of my plans after college, but I plan to trust God and see where He takes me.  I used to assist my older sister, when she coached here, for about two years.  After that, I was hired and have worked at Twistars for a year and a half. This will be my second year coaching pre-team, and recreational gymnastics. I am excited for what this year has in store!

Sarah Cabala: Recreational Coach +

I developed a love and passion for the sport from a very young age. As a gymnast, I was one of the oldest in the gym, which gave me the unique opportunity to mentor and lead the younger girls. Now, as a coach, I am able to share my passion from a different perspective. While I love the sport, I treasure the opportunity to work with young gymnasts here at Twistars even more. While the sport of gymnastics offers development of skills, balance, and flexibility, it, more importantly, instills dedication, perseverance, and strength in all who do it! Coming to work to see the smiling faces of all our gymnasts is always the highlight of my week!

Haley Grant: Competitive Team Coach & Recreational Coach +

I am originally from Napa, CA. My husband and our two kids moved to Michigan in 2015. Our 10 year old daughter is now on pre-team at Twistars. I did competitive gymnastics until level 8; I got injured right before level 8 Regionals and that is when I decided I wanted to start coaching. When we moved to Michigan it was a perfect opportunity to start coaching again and doing what I am passionate about.

Courtney Kent: Recreational Coach +

I am originally from Grand Rapids MI, where I was apart of their competitive gymnastics team. I did gymnastics for 11 years, two of them being competitive. Unfortunately, I had to stop competing because of an injury but I still love the sport.I was a nanny for 6 years prior to becoming a coach. I am currently MSU student studying premed. I love gymnastics and kids so I look forward to working coaching your child!

Katie Sweeney: Recreational Coach +

I have been involved with twistars ever since I was 3! I took classes a kid and now I’m coaching. I love getting to know the kids and teaching them new things while watching them grow and having tons of fun!

Jacey Jackard: Recreational Coach +

Gymnastics has always been a big part of my life, I did it growing up and finished my athletic career in high school gymnastics. Twistars is like a family to me, as well as being involved as a coach for many years my sister Jori is also heavily involved in the Twistars program, this being her 4th season as a level ten at 16 years old. I love working with kids of all ages and abilities because no matter the accomplishment, big or small I know as a coach and as a role model, that I made an impact on a child's life for the better.

Rachel Lammer: Xcel Coach +

I started gymnastics at 6 years old at St. Johns Gymnastics and shortly after, replanted my gymnastics roots at Kentwood Gymnastics, competing through Level 9. While training for Level 10, I figured out a growth spurt and gymnastics are a difficult mix and decided to end my gymnastics career and move on to high school sports. Although my competitive gymnastics career ended, my love for the sport has always remained strong. I had dreamed of getting back in the sport and since they said I was too old to compete still, I decided coaching was my way to go! I love Twistars because of the opportunity it gives kids of all ages to become part of such an amazing sport, team, and family while developing crucial skills that will carry with them through life! I love seeing the excitement on kids' faces when they learn something new or accomplish something they didn't think was possible!!

Bradley Schock: Recreational Coach +

My name is Bradley and I am a senior studying math and psychology at MSU. I fell in love with the sport of gymnastics as a kid. Despite not staying with the sport consistently due to moving out of the country, I have fallen in love with it all over again through coaching. I have a passion for helping kids achieve their goals, especially through sports, and learning everything I can in order for them to get there. I love the hard work and dedication it takes, but there is also always fun to be had. Working at Twistars has helped me grow as a coach and a person. I have been able to learn so much from incredible and experienced coaches, and I have had so much fun in the process.

Gina Rosas: Recreational Coach +

My name is Gina Rosas I am 22 years old. I did gymnastics for about 6 years and I love everything about it especially the technique and grace. I think gymnastics is such a powerful sport and that’s what made me want to be involved in it. I enjoy working with kids very much they always make me laugh and I believe they teach me as much as I can teach them.

Olivia Roragen: Recreational Coach +

I started gymnastics when I was 6 and was on the Twistars team for 4 years. I just started working here, and I love gymnastics because it's fun to do flips and run around. My favorite event is vault, and I love coaching rec classes!

Madison Gilbert: Recreational Coach +

I did gymnastics until I was 8. I love working at Twistars because it allows kids to do something they love in a fun and encouraging environment. I enjoy working with kids and I love that they are full of energy, have lots of personality, and always make me laugh.

Jenica Robinson: Developmental Team Coach, Xcel Coach, Recreational Coach +

My name is Jenica Robinson I am 31 years old and I started gymnastics when I was 3 years old and I am former level 10 gymnast of Twistars. I have 2 years experience coaching recreational. What I love about Twistars is that they have a great structure for each level that your child is at. Each coach has the same goal which is to strive for each child's individual accomplishments. What I love about working with kids is seeing the excitement and the big smile on their faces when they achieve each skill. I love gymnastics and I enjoy working for my home gym.

Christina Bennetts: Recreational Coach +

I've been around gymnastics almost my entire life, and I have done gymnastics at Twistars. My favorite thing about coaching gymnastics is seeing the excitement on an athlete's face when they finally get a new skill that they've been trying to get.

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