Meet Our Coaches

Meet The Owners, John & Kathryn Geddert

John & Kathryn Geddert, Owners

John Geddert: Owner & Head Coach

  • 2012 USA Olympic Team Head Coach
  • 2012 USA National Elite Coach of the Year
  • 2011 USA World Championship Team Head Coach
  • 17 Time State, Regional of National Coach of the Year

Being awarded state or regional (5 state area) coach of the year 17 times indicates that the Twistars head coach/Co-owner must be doing a few things right.

Being named Head coach for the USA Olympic and World Championships Gold Medal Winning Team, paint the picture of national respect.

John has been an instrumental force in guiding Twistars, our 5 State Region (Region 5) and now the Team USA towards national and international prominence.

A former collegiate scholarship athlete himself at CMU, Johns drive and dedication for the sport of gymnastics are apparent.  As a coach his accomplishments are staggering.  As a volunteer administrator he has served to better the rules and policies that govern our sport and has provided countless rewarding experiences for his and other athletes through competitions and international travel.  As the Twistars owner he has pledged to maintain the importance of integrity over materialistic rewards.

His work ethic, organizational skills, knack for teaching technical excellence, and love of the children make him the cornerstone of the Twistars organization.

Kathryn Geddert: Owner & Head Beam Coach

One of the most decorated yet sometimes under recognized coaches in the country, Kathryn Geddert serves as the guiding force at Twistars USA.

Sharing the duties as head coach at Twistars USA she can boast a resume loaded with several national champions and international medal winners (but boast she would never).

  • 13 Time State, Regional or National Coach of the Year
  • 2012 Michigan Coach of the Year
  • 2012 Region 5 Hall of Fame Inductee

Being a mother of 3 she can draw on child rearing experience and provide nurturing when needed. Being a former collegiate athlete she understands how important proper training and coaching can affect performance and progress.

Being a Brevet Judge she understands the complex rules of the sport and can make sure her athletes fulfill all the routine requirements. Having a dance background helps her with the choreography details that so many programs do without. And being married to John Geddert for 37 years proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a woman of patience.

Her recent induction into the Region 5 Hall of Fame indicates that her peers have recognized her consistent and notable contributions to the sport of gymnastics.

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